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How We Repair and Alter Ski Jackets and Pants

While clothes do come in a variety of sizes nowadays it can still be challenging to match your comfort with the right size. Luckily, we offer dedicated services that can help you with that. Whether you need snow pants shortened, skiwear altered, or simply need technical jacket repair in Vancouver done, we can help you with each so you can have the best experience out there on the snowy slopes.

Below, we break down exactly how we do alterations for ski jackets and pants.

How to Shorten Ski Jacket Sleeves

Renewt has the expertise and equipment to correctly perform fabric bonding and seam taping without damaging your fabric and keep your apparel waterproof. When measuring how much fabric needs to be removed from your jacket, there are a few simple steps you need to follow:

  • When measuring the amount of fabric that needs to be removed from the sleeves of your jacket, wear inner layers that you would normally wear under the jacket.
  • Then, zip up the zipper to keep both sides balanced, and roll the sleeve cuff to a point that’s most comfortable to you.
  • Finally, measure how many inches you roll up following the seam line.

Altering ski jacket

Our technicians then take the following steps:

  • They first follow the measured length and the originally designed cuff shape to draw mark lines.

Technicians fixing ski jacket

  • We then carefully delaminate bonded fabric and seam tapes, and remove any accessories like Velcro, pull tab, snaps, and cut the fabric length following the mark lines.
  • Because sleeves follow a tapered shape, we also open the side seams to narrow down the sleeve to match the original cuff size.
  • In the final step, we bond the fabric back and apply new seam tapes.

Technician repairing ski jacket for skiing

Here is a customer’s picture after we shortened her sleeve by 4 inches. She said she feels much more comfortable on the mountain skiing:

Repaired ski jacket

How Do You Shorten Ski Pants?

Usually, ski pants have an abrasion panel preventing cuts that are usually caused from the skis themselves and also features an inner powder cuff as indicated in the picture below:

How Renewt fixes snow pants

Most customers don’t want to lose these features, so when we shorten this type of ski pants, we remove fabric above the powder cuff. If there is an all-around seam that could be used, we can open the seam and shorten it from there. If not, we add a new stitch line and apply seam tapes on the new stitch to make sure it’s still waterproof.

Make sure that when you measure your pants, you wear inner layers that you would normally wear under the pants and normal shoes. Then, fold up the ski pants bottoms until the point where they are the most comfortable to you. You shouldn’t be able to step on the ski pants when wearing normal shoes. Finally, measure how many inches you fold up, and then try the same length with ski boots.

Here’s a customer’s picture after we shortened his snowboarding pants by 5 inches, he can walk safely without stepping on the pant bottoms and he can snowboard much more comfortably:

Repaired snow pants

Wearing clothes that don’t fit properly or are uncomfortable can be annoying and frustrating, especially in winter. We pride ourselves on helping customers avoid buying new clothes and making their favourite ones last even longer.



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