About Renewt | Technical Apparel Specialists

Why Renewt?

Renewt Technical Apparel Specialist, Inc. is a Vancouver based company specializing in technical outdoor apparel repairs, alteration, customization and prototyping.

We focus on our expertise – technical apparel repair which requires more than just sewing skills, but also extensive knowledge on advanced construction skills such as Bemis Adhesive bonding, heat pressing and seam sealing.

We pride ourselves in top quality workmanship. Our team is comprised of industry veterans from top-quality technical equipment brands like Arc’teryx and Mustang Survival.

Our dedication and enthusiasm results in fast turnaround times for repairs of 1-2 weeks.

Quality comes from expertise and top-of-the-line machinery and tools. We only purchase the top brands, and we know how to put them to use to deliver industry leading results.

Founder’s Story

Renewt was founded by Vince Guo, a technical apparel production profession with extensive production experience from working as Manufacturing Engineer and Production System Manager at Arc’teryx and Mustang Survival.

Vince earned his Mechatronic Systems Engineering degree from Simon Fraser University and MBA from University of British Columbia. Ever since he started his first career as a manufacturing engineer at Mustang Survival, Vince has discovered his passion for technical apparel production, his favorite time is to stay at the production line observing and hands on each production process and try to find a better solution. Vince has received training from GORE-TEX on seam sealing machine calibration and operation, and he also quickly absorbed various production technologies such as Down filling, heat transfer/pressing, Bemis adhesive bonding, RF welding, screen printing, Gerber cutting, embroidery, laser cutting, automatic pattern stitching, leak testing and more.

In addition to production knowledge, Vince also worked with various departments including product developments, design, quality assurance/contol, supply chain management, marketing and sales. He used this experience to develop and launch new products and was also responsible for providing cost estimations and feedback to reduce costs and improve quality. He designed production processes for efficiency and addition to supporting over sea outsourced partners.

With the passion for applying advanced production techniques and knowledge to generate financial and environmental benefits for brands and consumers, Vince founded a company focusing on technical apparel repair – Renewt.

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