Technical Apparel Services | Repair, Alter, Prototype & More!

Technical Apparel Services

Giving your old apparel a new life.

Renewt alters, repairs and restores outdoor garments. From damaged hardware, to waterproofing repairs, to alterations and more, you can trust us to provide the upmost care while renewing your garments. With a quick two-week turnaround on most repairs, you can get back to your outdoor adventures in no time. Our efforts have kept an overwhelming amount of clothes out of landfills. Don’t replace, Renewt.

Technical Repair

We are expert at industrial sewing, heat press bonding and seam taping so we can repair almost any kind of outdoor technical clothing, including waterproof hard shell, soft shell, down jacket and more.

Common repair services we offer include:
  • Zipper or zipper slider replacements
  • Seam Taping and Patching – For stitch leaks and fabric punctures
  • Damaged hardware repair or replacement (buckle, velcro, snaps, etc.)
  • Technical washing / re-activating waterproof (DWR) abilities
  • More

Please let us understand your technical outdoor apparel problems, we are here to help you to continue your adventure!

We encourage you to fill out the service request form below and upload photos of your damaged apparel. Sometimes a picture speaks louder than words!

Renewt Your Gear

After receiving your completed form, our specialists will email you back with a free repair estimation based on your description and photos, the actual cost and duration of repair will be determined after we do the assessment on your mailed-in items. Shipping instruction and service reference # are also included in our estimation email.

If you decide to receive the best factory finished repair service from Renewt, please mail your items to us with your reference #.

We require that your items be washed before being sent to us, we also have wash and waterproofing service for technical apparel, any item comes unwashed will be subject to a wash fee.

Once we finish the repair, we will ask for your preferred way of shipping and send you a final invoice, payment must be completed before items leave our facility.

Alteration / Customization

Altering and customizing technical outerwear requires more than just sewing skills. An in-depth understanding of fabric is needed to determine how the design joins together for the best fit. It also requires advanced construction skills such as Bemis adhesive bonding, heat pressing and seam sealing for minimalistic, seamless waterproof purposes. At Renewt, many of our team members have over 15 years experience working in warranty repair, production, prototyping at top-quality technical equipment brands like Arc’teryx and Mustang Survival. We know how to best build the most complicated technical outerwear from start to finish. If you have any need for technical apparel alteration or customization, from shortening a sleeve to adding an extra pocket, please reach out to us at [email protected]

Customized Apparel


We are production professionals with experience working with designers and product developers to launch technical apparel ideas into production. We can provide constructive feedback to designers and provide the best option for production to achieve the design with minimal costs. We can support small quantity requests by using Canadian production, but also help outsource and validate overseas factories. At Renewt we believe the best quality comes from the best skills, machinery and tools, in turn we only purchase top of the line industrial equipment.

Start Prototyping

Wash & Waterproofing (DWR)

Your outdoor apparel requires proper care and maintenance to ensure optimum performance. Unlike washing regular clothes with laundry detergent, outdoor jackets and pants are recommended to be washed with specialized detergent to remove dirt and body oils whilst aiding water repellency.

DWR (Durable Water Repellent) layers on the surface on your outdoor apparel, which is used to encourage water to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric, is an important feature that requires the right maintenance to keep you warm and dry. At Renewt, we have tested and selected the best technical wash detergent to correctly wash your outdoor apparel, while re-activating the DWR layers to restore your technical gear for optimal performance.

Waterproof Your Apparel

Corporate Service

Renewt provides a “White Label” technical repair service for outdoor apparel. By outsourcing your warranty and repair work to the experts at Renewt, we ensure simplifying brand operations, reducing operational costs and improving customer satisfaction caused by quick turnaround times and approved quality service. If you have any questions about how Renewt can assist in your brand’s warranty service, please email [email protected].

Have a Service Request?

We’re here to extend the life of your technical outdoor apparel so you can continue your outdoor adventure! Have a service request? Get in touch with us by filling out our service request form and uploading photos of the damaged area of your garments.

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